About Rochelle

I began my career as a painter before becoming a fine art photographer, specializing in destination elopements and portraits.

The prints from my Romantic Journeys collection were shot throughout my travels, as I scouted locations. My photography goes hand in hand with endless explorations and adventurous journeys. One photograph at a time, I document the world around me.

I like to create images that draw people into the photograph, into the here and now. I see the extraordinary in the ordinary and focus on details that are often missed.

The Creative Process

My photography is my yoga, a physical meditation. My walks are endless searches for beauty and light. I freeze ordinary moments that might otherwise be lost to memory. I have an endless need to preserve the beautiful. In a world that is often less than perfect. My mission is to overpower ugliness with beauty.

As an artist, I see things that many people miss. As I work, I am often asked what I see that is so interesting. I find beauty almost everywhere.

Through each of these fine art photographs, I hope to bring beauty, romance and adventure into your life and home.


Film photography is my medium of choice. I use both medium format and 35mm cameras.

I like to call film photography, slow photography. I get it right in the camera and spend less time editing on the computer.

Film photography is a conceptual process, meaning it takes time to create an image. I slow down and study what I am shooting before clicking. With only 16 images per roll, I focus on the environment, light and composition. I go beyond “looking,” and strive to “see” beyond surface value. I observe details and get a clear vision of what I’m shooting before I freezing and capturing an image.

Negatives are processed the old-fashioned way in the dark room. Each negative is then printed using the finest quality archival paper and inks. Every photograph is a work of art to decorate your walls with wanderlust magic from some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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